What makes you take the rehabilitation journey?

In the case of our clients and their significant others it is a catastrophic and life changing event, most frequently due to sustaining an acquired brain injury (ABI).

What is an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)?

ABI is an injury to the brain after birth and the immediate neonatal period caused by accidents or assaults (head injuries) or by illness (e.g. strokes, brain tumours, encephalitis and meningitis). It is the leading cause of death and disability in the UK.

Acquired brain injury changes lives, not only of the injured person, but their families.  It can cause interacting and often complex difficulties affecting cognition, behaviour, social and language skills, physical ability, health and emotional well-being.

“The team at The Rehabilitation Partnership demonstrate a focus on the client which is second to none. Their desire to support their clients to enable them to achieve their goals is evident in every single case. Communication from the team is excellent – and makes a positive difference in maximising outcomes both in the litigation, but much more importantly in the lives of their clients.”

– Philip Edwards, Partner, Clarke Willmott LLP